Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thoroughbred Classic & Thanksgiving Day Virtual 5K Reports Plus Beer & Food

Pre-Race Turkey
Steve & I started out the day at Keeneland for the 28th annual Thoroughbred Classic 5K.  He ran.  I cheered & got to catch up with some of my training buddies. They had tons of runners this year.  Someone told me this is the 2nd largest race of the year in Lexington behind the annual Bluegrass 10K on 4th of July.  It was so cool seeing so many folks out on Thanksgiving morning!  There were well over 2000 runners this year. 

Heading to the start

And they are off!
Steve has been working on his 1/2 marathon training plan & needed an updated vdot number so he decided at the last minute to run this race.  Had I not been injured we would have been registered at least a month ago.  We worked all day last Saturday at packet pickup & he still didn't register.  He waited until Tuesday night to register & by then they were out of race T-shirts.  We did get volunteer shirts which are identical to the race shirts with the exception of the word 'volunteer' on the back of it.

Doing good on the first mile
Steve started off awesome.  He first mile was a sub-7 minute.  I was pretty surprised at how far up front he was when I saw him shortly after the  1 mile mark.  The wheels fell off the cart shortly after I saw him here.  He says he got a side stitch going up a hill.  His second mile was a full minute longer than his first mile.  He did manage to work out the side stitch & recover some time in the last mile.  His finish time was 22:09 & he came in 9th in his age group & 150 overall.  Not too shabby for an old dude!
Big sprint to the finish
I spent most of my time hanging out with my training buddies.  I must say, I miss them so much!

Treacy & Me 
Shannon, Treacy & Leila
Christine, Julie, Shannon, Me, Treacy, Nina & Mary
Here is Nina & her friend Molly.  It was Molly's first 5K!  Always fun to see a first timer finish!

Steve won a big tub of pretzels in the door prizes awards.  They are even in the holiday shapes...BONUS!
After we went home & ate pancakes it was time for me to do my Thanksgiving Virtual 5K.   Steve & my Mom walked with me.  After such a crappy weather week it was great to see the sun!  By noon it was sunny & low 50's.  Perfect day for a slow TENZ walk.  

This is a funny picture.  My Mom does not like here picture taken so she was trying to hide behind me.  I love the look on Steve's face.  Not sure if he is making fun of me & my virtual 5K or my Mom's silliness.  Either way this picture cracked me up!

My goal was to walk without pain.  If I did feel any pain I would just turned up the juice.  We walked from the house to the Arboretum & back.  It would be about a 3.3 mile walk.

When we got to the arbo we stopped to check out the new memorial for the victims of Flight 5191.  It is a beautiful sculpture of 49 silver birds taking flight, one for every life lost that day.  It was the first time I had seen the sculpture & was so moved that I forgot to take a picture.  If you are interested, you can read more about it HERE

After checking out the sculpture we continued on our way. No PR's today.  Just a nice, leisurely pain free walk.  My 5K time was 1h01m28s.  My total time & distance:  1h5m47s, 3.34 Miles.  Below are pictures of my fabulous splits. 

After we finished & showered we got busy drinking and a fixin'.  Yep, my cooking always takes better when everyone is drinking!   Instead of a bunch of snacks, we tried out a couple of Chocolate Stouts.  Surprisingly, we all liked them.  I knew I would & I had a feeling Mom would but I was really surprised that Steve liked them too. 
5% Alcohol by Volume - My Fav
10% Alcohol by Volume - Mom's Fav

Instead of the traditional Turkey we cooked one of our CSA chickens on the grill.  For sides we made Ramon Noodle Cole Slaw, Mashed Potatoes & Stuffing along with some Malbec wine.   Everything was delish! 

We aren't done eating yet!  For dessert, we have Blueberry & Pecan Pie.  Yummy. 

Today has been the perfect Thanksgiving.  

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!  Gobble, gobble 'till you wobble!


  1. hey i'm coming from Kiley's 5k. just caught my eye with your blog title! i'm from KY and went to school in lexington for 8 years. i live in asheville now and noticed that you all must come down this way for races sometime! we ran the jus' running turket trot this am :)

  2. Sounds like a great day! Next year you will run too!

  3. That sounds like a great day Andrea! I know it was probably such a bummer to be watching a race and not running in it, but there is always next year, right? I hope we are both out there running soon!

  4. Way to walk it out!! :) HAHAHAHA! I had a great race on Thursday at the Thoroughbred Classic but man was I sore afterwards. I'm not use to running so fast. I'm normally a plodder.

    We'll have to meet up since we live in the same city!!



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