Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogger Gift Exchange

I participated in 2 different blogger gift exchanges.  Both included socks in the gifts but no cards with info to which exchange it was for.  So I guessed.  I had a 50/50 shot but in typical fashion I guessed wrong!

I received my Secret Santa package the night before we left for Florida.  It was from Courtney at A So Called Runner.  I wore the Feetures on the ride down to Florida - they are nice comfy socks.  I wore them again on my 1 mile jog.  I am looking forward to trying out the bars.  They look yummy.

Thanks to Courney at 3rd Time's a Charm for hosting!

The other blogger gift exchange that I participated in was hosted by Jill at Run with Jill.  Thank you for hosting Jill!  I am looking forward to participating again next year!


  1. Glad you liked they socks, they are my favorites!! Sorry for not including a letter! I sealed the package and realized I forgot it.

  2. I put you on my blog roll so I could follow you and I noticed today that you're not on there :(. I'm gonna try and add you again so we can keep up with each other. Sorry I've been absent!

  3. what great stuff! thanks for participating!



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