Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Goals

There are so many challenges going on this month to help keep focused on fitness & not succumb to the holiday weight gain.  Since I cannot partake in any of the run or cycle challenges I decided to just quantify what I can do instead.

Here are my December Goals:
8 Pilates Classes
8 Yoga Classes
8 Swim Workouts
8 - 30 minute Walks / Water Jogs

Do my PT exercises daily

Any additional workouts will be a bonus.

A secondary goal for the month is to not gain any more weight!  Since my Oly in August, I am up 5.8 pounds thanks to my injury & my new BFF, the couch.   On my weigh in on Monday, I checked in at 139.8 pounds.  Must.Not.Top.Over.140.Again!  My poor jeans can't handle the stress.

Now on to a few randoms - 

At the end of December I will have gone to PT for 3 months for my Piriformis Syndrome.   If I am still not improved by the end of the month I have decided I must try something different.  I have a few ideas in mind.  We have a Chiropractor in town that is trained in Active Release Technique that also has sports massage therapists on site.  The other thing I read about recently is Dry Needling.  We also have a couple of places in town that are certified in this technique too.  The last idea is to just give up on the professionals & just keep doing what I am doing.  Eventually this will heal.  Do I really need to continue to pay someone for minimal results?  Sigh.  Not sure which way I will go yet.

I signed up to be on Team Tough Chik for 2012.  It is different from Team Aquaphor in the sense that anyone can join, as long as you are female & buy one of their many kit options.  There is only 1 race commitment.  Team Aquaphor is an application process.  They provide your racing kits & lots of samples.  Your commitment is to race a minimum of 6 races & hand out samples as races & trainings.  It was great being on Team Aquaphor this year but I have decided not to reapply for next year due to how long this injury is taking to heal.

Steve & I did a Walking Dead marathon last weekend.  Saturday we watched Season 1 & Sunday we watched Season 2.  Can you say creepy?!?  Both nights I had weird dreams of something chasing me but I must say that show is awesome!  It does make me realize that I probably couldn't survive on my own if the end of the world came.

We still have a ton of Christmas shopping to do.  We didn't go out on Black Friday or hit any of the cyber Monday sales.  I only have Steve to shop for but he has a huge family.  Most likely we will be doing our shopping during our lunch hours over the next few weeks.   We really did mean to have all our shopping done before Thanksgiving.  Oh well.  We did get our Christmas tree up last weekend.

Happy December y'all.


  1. The Tough Chick sutff is really cute. :0

    Please try the ART. I know it made a big difference for me!

  2. Oh I so hope you find answers to your injury! I know how frustrating it is and not having an end date in mind must be even harder. I have heard good things about both ART and dry needling. They are worth a try!

  3. I have heard alot of good things about Tough Chick

  4. So first off, I also am joining Team Tough Chik. I have to wait until later this month but I think its such an awesome idea.
    Second, I love the Walking Dead! My husband and I watch it too. When I first read your post I thought you meant you ran a walking dead marathon and I got incredibly jealous. That would be such an awesome run.



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