Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Nike Go the Distance

I saw on one of my fellow Team Tough Chik's blogs a post about signing up for the 2012 Nike Go the Distance via US Masters Swim.  Although I am not currently swimming with our local US Masters swim team I did renew my annual USMS membership.  Considering I am in a very swim focused period & may be for a while, I figured why not sign up.

So sign up I did.  My goal is to swim 200 miles this year.  That is quite a stretch for me but hey, it's not like I can run so I might as well swim until my arms fall off.  As of today I have swam 7.64 miles.  Yep, I got quite a ways to go.

After setting this goal I figured I better stock up on my swim shampoo, conditioner & lotion.   By joining USMS I received discount codes for several on-line swim stores.  One was for my favorite TriSwim products.  I bought the 64 ounce jugs of shampoo, conditioner & lotion.  Thanks to the 30% discount I saved around $75.  Never mind that I spent $190 on product.  I do think everyone I work with will appreciate the fact that I don't reek of chlorine every morning!


  1. I think I'm going to join you just so I keep track for the year.

  2. I'll have to check that out. Maybe motivate me to get back in the pool! And I LOVE tri-swim stuff! it is great.

  3. I'm actually going tomorrow to sign up for the Wildcat Masters swim with Susan. I'm pretty excited! This'll be my first time swimming with a group!

  4. what a great goal! i'm sure you'll do great!



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